Dave, with the first jar of salsa off the 
production line.

The story of Dave & Dexter's salsa starts over twenty years ago, when Dave developed a new salsa recipe to serve at gatherings with family and friends. As an enthusiastic amateur gardener, Dave insisted on using tomatoes and habañnero peppers from his own backyard to give his salsa its signature fresh taste.

Over the years, Dave continued to refine his secret recipe, perfecting the balance of spiciness with just a hint of sweetness that made his salsa a hit at barbecues, parties, and family gatherings. His family and friends would often encourage Dave to take his salsa public, and Dave agreed, but he wanted to make sure it was done right.

In the spring of 2013, Dave brought his recipe to Original Juan, a longstanding Kansas City, Kansas-based company famous for not only its own unique craft salsas and sauces, but for helping local culinary enthusiasts with a great product reach a wider audience. The people at Original Juan not only loved Dave & Dexter's salsa, they were committed to upholding the high standards and use of fresh ingredients that Dave had insisted on since the beginning.

That summer, Dave's dream was finally realized when the first commercial jars of Dave & Dexter's salsa rolled off the production line. Now, Dave and his best friend Dexter are proud to be able to share the salsa that family and friends have been raving about for years.

The Salsas

Davicito's Original (medium) – This is Dave's original salsa recipe from all those years ago. The perfect blend of spicy and sweetness that anyone can enjoy. The fresh ingredients—especially the fresh cilantro— really make this salsa sing.

The Mellow D's (mild) – Full habañero flavor without the habañero heat. This salsa is perfect for use in all kinds of recipes, even for the more faint of heart.

Dexy's Revenge (hot) – Take the heat up a notch with this salsa. Just as fresh and flavorful as our original, but with a stronger kick to enhance your salsa enjoyment.

Dexter's Wrath (extra-hot) – For the most adventurous fiesta attentdees. This salsa comes with maximum habañero heat without burning away any of the flavor.


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